Dear Readers,

There is a new consciousness birthing itself on the planet—an awareness that supports conscious living, which means conscious choice-making. A challenging issue like abortion brings this reality to bear on our everyday lives. Please join me in a conversation through my book, Life Choices: The Teachings of Abortion (pub. August 2011 by Sentient Publications). Open your heart to an exploration of spiritual, historical, and psychological encounters with complex and sometimes paradoxical questions about how we can learn from abortion. The issue is so terribly contentious and stuck in categories of opposition that sometimes seem impossible to untangle. I believe we can untangle them if we open to new ways of thinking.

I began my work in women’s health a little over forty years ago. The unfolding of my own life lessons, both as a professional counselor and an ordinary person, has shown me that every experience we have holds the potential to offer opportunities to grow and become more aware, not only of ourselves, but of all of life. It seems clear that that’s what we are here for – to open to knowing and being more, and to serve the Greater Good. Unfortunately, and for reasons I discuss in my book, the issue and experience of abortion has been marginalized in our society, and relegated to an either/or, black or white, for or against position. Because of this, it is often difficult to see the positive, growth-producing, life-giving teachings of abortion.

On this site, I post my thoughts and perspective, and also information about the book as it makes its way in the world. I welcome your considered response and comments that come from the heart. I would also love it if you would sign up to receive my blog. I imagine I will post once or twice a month.

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